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Our main product are Bilberry Extract,Cranberry Extract,Dihydromyricetin,Emodin,Horse Chestnut P.E,Huperzine-A,Myricetin,Paeoniflorin,Red Yeast Rice,Rhodiola Rosea P.E,Tribulus Terrestris Extract. More »

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Genipin specifications

Specification: 10%~98%
Plant origin:Gardenia jasminoides Ellis
CAS No.:6902-77-8
Molecular formula: C11H14O5
Molecular Weight: 226.23
Ordor: Orlorless
Apperance: White crystal Powder 
Assay method: HPLC
Identification method: TLC/HPLC

Genipin is a naturally occurring material that shows great potential as a use in biomaterials and also as a fingerprint reagent.As stated earlier genipin crosslinked material has been use as a bone substitute.In addition to these studies,studies crosslinked gelatin as a conduit for peripheral nerve regeneration and genipin crosslinked chitosan for experiments,I believe that genipin will become an important crosslinking reagent for biomaterials in the future.I also believe it can be valuable as a reagent to develop latent fingerprints.